About Sakolkar Hospital
"Sakolkar Hospital is Committed to upgrade & provide new facilities to Marathwada region." Sakolkar Hospital & Sonography Centre is established In the year of 1988. Sakolkar Hospital & Research Centre has set up state-of-the-art, patient friendly hospital. Our hospital is equipped with with latest technology for maternal & child health and have well qualified team in the field of gynecology, who will guide you at every stage.
About Stem Cell Therapy
गुडघेदुखीवर प्रभावी उपचार पद्धती:

गुडघेदुखी: अर्थात ऑस्टिओअर्थराइटिस ऑफ़ नी-जॉईंट हा एक वयोमानाप्रमाणे हाडांची झीज होऊन होणारा आजार आहे. अमेरिकेत १० मिलियन लोक या आजाराने ग्रस्त आहेत.

Sakolkar Hospital & Sonography Centre is launching soon ....
Marathwada's First Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Centre
• hair head = Head full of confidence.
• Baldness, Sparse hair affects the personality & ultimately confidence.
• Changing lifestyle, Food habits, Lack of excercise, stress, pollution &
   use of chemicals is resulting in hair loss, sparse & baldness.
Doctor's Profile
Dr. Swati Ahire
Responsibly anticipate the needs of our community, and co-operatively work with our medical staff and community to provide a safe and seamless continuum of care.
Dr. Dhiraj Kotecha
Provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost, with the best utilization of our resources.
Dr. Ruta Anandgaonkar
Value and respect the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals.
Dr. Arju Soni
Act honestly and ethically in all relationships.
Dr. Archana Tale
Will provide the highest quality, cost effective, compassionate care to each patient.
Dr. Shaheen Mirza
we serve and WILL be committed to fulfilling the needs of those in our community while obtaining financial strength.
Dr. Priya Wagh
Hold integrity and honesty as our most important principles and perform at all times at the highest ethical standards.
Dr. Akshay Marawar
A doctor is the only man who can suffer from good health.
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