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Long Distance Patients
We recognize that patients will travel great distances to receive the care that best fulfills their needs. At Sakolkar Hospital & Sonography Centre, we treat patients from all across the region, the nation, as well as the world.Firstly, we offer telephone consultations to patients who prefer this method of initial contact. This is particularly applicable to the long-distance scenario. The phone consult allows patients to gain significant insight about the program and services offered without having to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to the program. An in-person meeting can then be arranged at a later date.

Following a telephone consultation, and the decision is made to become a patient of Sakolkar Hospital & Sonography Centre, most long-distance patients prefer to have some of their lab work and/or cycle monitoring performed near their home before traveling to Aurangabad.Sakolkar Hospital & Sonography Centre will coordinate your care with other centers, reducing the number of extended visits you will have to make to our area. Likewise, patients from other nations can have their treatment coordinated by our specialists at centers local to them (depending on availability).

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