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Cancer Prevention Centre
This Cancer Prevention Centre is working very effectively. Breast Cancer is a serious threat to women in our area. Serious attention has not been given to this ailment by now. Many Patients are being treated in our aforementioned Prevention Centre. Once the patients are admitted to the Centre, the problem of their accommodation becomes very acute.
Menopause Clinic for 40 Plus women
Being a health conscious of women, we run a Menopause Clinic for the 40 plus women at Aurangabad. This centre is with upto date infrastructure.
Pathology, X-ray & Sonography Centre
We run the aforesaid centers for backward class women with reasonable cost.
Sakolkar Family Counseling Centre
Sakolkar Family Council (SFCC) is recognized by the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi and this institute is working since 2007-08. Under this Institute, we are organizing various camps for the rural women like, ‘Save Girl Child, Bone Mineral Density check-up camps for the women.